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Up and running in Texas

We left Christian’s place in Tempe last Sunday afternoon to arrive at Lorena’s cousin Beto’s place in Mesquite, Texas on Monday evening. The next day we had the extreme good fortune to find a great little apartment in Lewisville a short way from my work and only a half a block from Anytime Fitness. The proximity to Anytime Fitness was a happy accident that made Lorena very, very pleased. We stayed with Beto two nights and have been in the apartment since.

LewisvilleNewWasherDryerSince we arrived, we have been out buying “stuff.” Since we sold the old washer and dryer, the gas barbecue grill and all our beds we had to replace all that or go to the laundromat, cook on the electric range and sleep on the floor. We will have to continue to sleep on the floor until Monday because the Nebraska Furniture Mart does not deliver our bed until then. Amazingly, we got the best price on the washer and dryer from the Lowes right around the corner from us and it included free delivery and installation. We still need to buy a breakfast nook table and a sofa, but after that we will wait until we are in a house before we do too much more furnishing of the house.

It is great to be back in the saddle blogging again.

Betty Blonde #497 – 07/13/2010
Betty Blonde #497
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