Daily Archives: Friday, February 2, 2018

Bean sorter–First image from the Raspberry Pi oCam combo

You can say a lot of things about this image–it is blurry, it is too dark, it manifests the starry night problem, etc., etc. Still, it is our first image out of the bean sorter cam connected to a Raspberry Pi. I am going to do some infrastructure stuff to be able to pull stuff down easily from the embedded computer, but I will be moving on to work on the lights Gene sent me within a few days. Of course those days extend out quite a bit because I have a day job. Nevertheless, one has to take their satisfaction when they can get it and this is satisfaction any engineer might understand.

Bean sorter–Groundhog day success

Today was a good day at work. It all had to do with sorting and measuring spuds on a conveyor, but that is a story for when we see each other face to face. The other reason it is a good day is the image below. I spoke prematurely when I said I had everything ready to go with the bean sorting development environment for the Raspberry Pi. I was wrong. It turns out the stuff I had on my development computer was incompatible with the stuff on the Raspberry Pi and it took me until about 15 minutes ago to get it all sorted out. Hopefully, I have a shot at getting the camera going on the RPi and maybe even getting started in on controlling the lights we need for the project with the RPi. Another fun filled weekend!