Bean sorter–Cross compiling for the Raspberry Pi

I got up to my office about 7:00 AM this morning and have been programming steadily since then. Well, I call it programming. Really what I was doing was trying to figure out how to get Raspberry Pi programs I write and build on my laptop (that I use as a desktop) to cross compile with Qt Creator so they will run on the Raspberry Pi which is what we started with on our coffee bean sorting project because it is cheap and we are cheap. I finally got it all to work about 12 hours later. I am wildly happy to have the bulk of this out of the way. Now I can bet back to thinking about coffee beans. Now the program I compiled previously on the Raspberry Pi should be fundamentally easier to debug.

The one good part about all this is that when I am programming I am generally not eating and the time flies. I did a pretty good job of staying on my diet.

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