Lorena’s new (to her) computer

The old laptop Lorena used as her main computer died yesterday, so in the middle of my day job and bean project, I got to build her a new computer. I have to admit I had quite a bit of fun with it. It is based around a Kangaroo $99 computer with an Atom processor, bluetooth, wifi, etc. The computer is that is the smart phone shaped thing between the coffee cup and the terabyte hard drive. We have the following things connected:

  • Monitor
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • 1 TB drive
  • Webcam

I ordered a cheap USB speaker and will get a microphone so we can use the system for Skype. It hooked up to the wireless internet with no problem. We installed Xubuntu on it which is a lightweight version of Ubuntu. It is actually pretty snappy and just what Lorena needs to browse the web. I kind of wish I had one myself. I will just have to be satisfied with my Raspberry Pi.

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Married Christian man with two children, one in graduate school and one working. Oregonian (family arrived in 1846 along the Applegate Trail). Living and working from home in Washington state. Lived in North Carolina for seven years, Texas several times and South Florida amoung other places--kids graduated from NCSU, LOVE North Carolina and NCSU, Texas and South Florida). Judo Shodan. Graduate of Oregon State University (B.S. Business Administration, Marketing), Oregon Institute of Techonology (A.E. Computer Systems Engineering Technology), University of Texas at El Paso (M.S. Industrial Engineering). Computer Vision Research Consultant. Bilingual English/Spanish.

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