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Bob provides a treadmillSadly, I no longer have any excuses for avoiding exercise. Bob and Gena invited us over for dinner (of course) last Sunday and during the course of the conversation Bob tells me has a treadmill he is not using. Bob gets plenty of exercise at their property and he works out at the pool so he has no plans to use the treadmill for awhile. Honestly, these people are too good for us.

At any rate, not only does he offer to let me use it, the next Monday, he throws the thing in his van and brings it over. I have NO idea how he idea he did that. The thing is a true industrial strength treadmill and a marvel of engineering. He told me Gena helped him, but that makes it even more amazing. I helped him unload the thing into the garage and it took about all we had to do that. Those Northern California logger, Montana/Wyoming people are just made of sterner stuff than the rest of us.

So, as I was saying, I am now out of excuses. Today is the day I plug it in, turn it on and get started. Honestly, I am very grateful for the machine and it is going to be a big help. I will keep you posted on how it goes.

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  1. Good for you, Ken! I have been using for several months now. It is excellent. The account is free and you can set your own calendar with their workouts. You can also purchase different 4 – 8 week workout series for $10 – $15. Once purchased you can re-use as much as you want. Typical workouts are 20-35 minutes. I started with a 4 week flexibiliy program. I like it much better than the treadmill.

  2. That is a great idea Dan and my initial thought. I just have to save my pennies to get it. I actually looked into it and see that I need to spend around $2k-$2.5k for a good one. That includes a desk that goes up and down. I absolutely think it would be worth the investment.

  3. Any info out there for us itinerant ones on an apparatus called something like a “tread-case” would be great, if there is such a thing. Collapsible would be a plus/must. Otherwise, inventors, get busy! ?

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