Fits and starts and restarts designing the kitchen

Very preliminary kitchen designDrawings have started to arrive from the kitchen designers. As is always the case in these kinds of things, some of the ideas are exactly what we wanted, but there is a disconnect on others. Part of the disconnect is due to not properly communicating what was wanted. Some though are because of our own disconnect with reality. Sometimes it is not possible to do what you want because of lack of budget, a footprint and configuration that will not fit the available space, etc. etc.

This is a very fun process for us. Now that we have been through it a couple of times we know more about what to expect and what is actually possible. One of our big challenges in this pass through the process is that we would really like to kick off the construction in less than three weeks. That means the builder has to have the material available to him post haste. He needs appliances, custom cabinets and local subcontractors on a tight schedule. We hope to have the design in place before the end of the week so we can officially pull the trigger and our contractor, Mark P. can get started.

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