So how does one start to write a book

I have been giving quite a bit of thought to this book thing and have decided I will start to take this off line until I have a plan a little bit better formulated. I think I do have something to say about homeschool.  There are some pretty broad categories of homeschool styles.  We fit into a pretty specific category when it comes to educational style and goals and another with respect to worldview training.  We know a lot of homeschoolers, but only one other family we met in Texas fits into a similar model to our own. They have experienced the same kind of success as us.  I talk about “kind of success” as opposed to “level of success” because we think people who follow different models achieve very high levels of success, often much higher than our own, but with different goals in mind.

I plan to write about the model we followed.  The funny deal, looking back, is that we had a fairly well established plan for what we wanted to accomplish within a few weeks or months after we reestablished ownership of our children’s education.  It would be interesting to understand whether other successful homeschoolers established the model they would follow early or if there was significant evolution of the model over time.  I plan to report back now and again as things progress, but to write about other projects and ideas until I start to actually have something a little more concrete on this subject.

Betty Blonde #124 – 01/06/2009
Betty Blonde #124
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  1. I’m interested in thefact that your bairns did no have have tae endure all the social nonsense I see at the high school that is doon the road the road fae me.

    American teenagers loook so shabbily dressed, wi everything showing.

    We had school uniforms and were held tae standards.

    American bairns dina hiv that.

    Ye’ve deen a gweed job

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