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Ordered a new diet book: The Obesity Code

Obesity CodeI saw on Facebook a friend had started using the program described in the book The Obesity Code. It is another one of those book that is more a way of eating than a diet book. It looked pretty interesting when I read the reviews and the blurbs about it, especially in terms of my current state in life and the philosophy what I know works best for me. So, I wrote my friend and email. He has been using the program for awhile now and getting really good results, not just in weight loss, but in also with his diabetes.

I ordered the book and plan to read through it and figure out what I think about it, but I am also going to stay in touch with my buddy to see how “sticky” the diet is. That is important to me because a lot of these diets are easy to maintain during weight loss, but motivation drops when you have to stay with something painful with no immediate positive feedback (weight loss) because the weight has been lost and the food was only good and interesting the first few weeks of the program. My friend seems to have good success with it for quite awhile now, so I have hope it might be good for me, too. I will keep you posted.

My last day at Bioptigen

Day 113 of 1000 (212.8 lbs.)

You will notice that I was shamed into putting my weight back up again (Thank you, Wendy–hold my feet to the fire!)  The problem now is that today is my last day of work here at Bioptigen.  They will take me out to lunch as some place really good, probably the Carniceria around the corner that has a working man’s Mexican restaurant with handmade corn tortillas.  How can I resist that?  I think it would offend everyone if I did not eat a couple barbacoa tacos.  So, I will skip breakfast this morning in hope that I do not shoot up five pounds.  They really should start a research project on my energy conversion.  For every pound I eat, I think I gain four or five pounds.

My stay at Bioptigen has been great.  The work was interesting (image processing algorithm development for ophthalmological optical coherence tomography), the people were really great, especially my new Russian friends, and I will miss it a lot.  I hate the last day of work at a job after I have made good, hopefully lifelong friends and done very interesting work.  I always wonder whether or not I am making a mistake, but the new work is also interesting with great people, and what appears to be more opportunity, so I am looking forward to it.  I will talk a little about my new job tomorrow.