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Walmart online vs. Amazon: Round 2 — Hand sander

Hand sander from WalmartWith no end in site to Lorena’s new (to us) furniture refurbishing projects and her fervor to do them, we decided to buy her a new hand sander. We looked on line at both Walmart and Amazon and, again, Amazon was not even close. This time we would have had to pay a 30% premium for the privilege of buying the closest equivalent at Avalon to what was offered by Walmart. to buy from Amazon. There was not really a whole lot of difference in the offerings. The specs are below. We had two ways to get the sander in our hands from Walmart: 1) Pick it up at our local Walmart which we drive by several times per week or 2) make a purchase of $35 which we needed to do (sand paper and some other supplies) for the project whichever choice we made. Amazon had a one day shipping for Prime members, which is additional cost, but that we have. We called it a wash on that, too.

Feature/Item Walmart Amazon
Product  Hyper Tough 2.4Amp Random Orbit Sander  Black & Decker BDERO100 Random Orbit Sander, 5-Inch
Current rating  2.4 Amps  2.0 Amps
Shipping  2 days (w/$35 purchase)  1 day with Prime membership
Price  $18.73

Walmart online vs. Amazon: Round 1 — Bed and mattress

Bed from Walmart beats Amazon badlyWe have been members of Amazon Prime for a number of years now. Amazon is convenient and has good prices. So, when Lorena returned from IKEA a couple of weeks ago, disappointed by what she believed were low quality offerings at not such great prices, we decided to buy a bed from Amazon. We found something that would just fit the bill: A Tokyo Bronze Queen Size Metal Bed and a Slumber 1 – 8″ Mattress-in-a-Box. I had heard that Walmart was upping there game in online sales to compete with Amazon, so on a whim, I checked out Walmart’s offering. Here is what I found:

Walmart: $296.17 with Free Shipping
Amazon: $339.14 with Free shipping for the mattress and “free” shipping with Amazon Prime membership for the bed

That “free” shipping thing with Amazon Prime membership always seemed like an oxymoron to me. The Amazon Prime membership costs money so the shipping is really not free. We have Amazon prime so the shipping only cost a little more for the Amazon order. Nevertheless, we would have had to pay a 12+ percent premium for the privilege the bed from Amazon. That is a privilege I am not really interested in exercising.

It all arrived today and we were very happy with the quality of the product when we got it put together. This whole turn of events reminded me that I never want to be a single source shopper. I am never going to buy anything from Amazon again without checking Walmart online first. The reality is I will probably check Walmart first going forward.

Cleaning up the persimmon tree

Day 349 of 1000

Christian pruning the persimmon treeWe were sad when one of this summers frequent thunderstorms took out part of our persimmon tree, but it all came out well because it gave Christian and I a chance to buy some new tools down at the Walmart Garden Center.  Christian is not quite a logger yet, but he is much closer than yesterday.  It would have been more fun if we would have had something more powerful than a pruning saw and lopper.