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Boston cultural experience

Park Street McDonald's (Boston's worst restaurant)We are glad for every reminder that Christian is having the best of all possible cultural experience during his summer in Boston. For instance, he ate at the Park Street McDonald’s today after meeting. Christian eats a lobster roll at the Park Street McDonald's in BostonHe said that it had been suggested to him that particular McDonald’s was quite possibly the very worst restaurant in all of Boston. When you are in a new place, you need to be sure to try to find the best example of the specialties associated with that place. What did he have? He is in Boston! He had a lobster roll which seems to pretty much disqualifying factor for being the worst of anything.

McDonald’s price: $9
Famous lobster roll: $20

McDonald’s taste: like McDonald’s (decent, worth it)
Famous lobster roll: really good

Improbably perky service at McDonalds

Day 690 of 1000

I am working in Arvada Colorado for a few days with one of our vendors.  We are making a big push to get some stuff done, so everyone came into work this Saturday morning.  I drove through McDonalds on the way in to get some breakfast.  The young girl who greated me acted genuinely excited to be taking my order.  I said thank you when I finished my order and she giggled.  When I got to the window, she gave me a big smile, looked me in the eye, and asked me how I was doing.  It surely seemed like she really wanted to know.  I love that.  So many times we go through the little processes of day to day life without giving it much thought.  It was a reminder to me that service with a smile is important and is a huge thing when it is genuine.

Update:  Lorena read this and reminded me that she worked at the very first McDonalds that opened in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.  She has VERY fond memories of her time there.  It was all brand new, the employees were selected very carefully, it was a happy, fun place to work, and they genuinely tried to do the best they could for their customers.  How good is that.

Prescott Valley–The bad news first

Day 509 of 1000

Sausge bicuit from Prescott Valley, Arizona McDonaldsHaving grown up in the west, I had no true concept about the relative qualities of biscuits. I grew up thinking that a biscuit was a biscuit; what’s the fuss. I did not know how wrong I was until we moved to Raleigh.  I was reminded of this at breakfast this morning when I ordered a sausage biscuit at McDonalds in Prescott Valley.  I was greatly saddened when I realized that the biscuits at McDonald’s in Prescott Valley are very similar to those we bought (sparingly) when we lived in Oregon.  I guess they just do not know how to do it right here.

Our operating theory is that Bojangles, being a southern company with all the knowledge of what is a good biscuit, and even more importantly, how to make one, was kicking McDonald’s fanny throughout the south at breakfast time.  They absolutely get their country ham biscuit just right.  So, too compete, McDonald’s has upped their game.  The biscuits at all the McDonald’s in North Carolina are profoundly better than any biscuit I have ever eaten out west.

But there is good news…