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Bald eagle from the living room

Warren K. took some very cool pictures of the bald eagle that sits on the tree behind our house sometimes to fish down in the Chehalis River below us. He took the picture with his Samsung S8 phone looking through the spotting scope Bob so kindly lent us. We thought the pictures were amazing. The bird certainly was.

Our bald eagle is back

Bald eagle again, but with binoculars

Our bald eagle friend came back today and we took a picture of him with our digital binoculars. We are really glad we got them, but can see we need to get better ones or a telescope. We think we want to go the telescope route and equip it with a real machine vision style camera. We were glad our eagle came back, too. Now we know we might get to see him every now and then.

I cannot believe I am a cat pictures guy

Kiwi monopolizes the office chairI think I have a very good excuse for not getting much done this weekend. Every time I wanted to sit down to the computer to get something done, Kiwi was already in place. The thing I realized when I first took this picture that with respect to the Internet, I am part of the problem. I cannot deny that I love to post cat pictures. Actually, it was a very nice hiatus from technology for a weekend. All I did was eat, read and do a pretty serious workout on Saturday. I am not at Lorena’s level nor do I ever expect to get there, but she is definitely shaming me into pushing a little harder. She did it again today and is well on her way to the next level.

In the meantime, I have new side projects stacking up everywhere. Now that I have my code running and a plan to get it pushed over to a BeagleBone Black and up on the Internet, I need to not let my other side projects get in the way so I can mark at least one more thing as done.  I hope Kiwi does not steal my chair again next weekend.

Christian has the most loyal cat I have ever seen

Rubix, Christian's loyal cat

Christian’s cat, Rubix hates everyone in the family except Christian.  Lorena especially annoys here by trying to give her tight hugs all the time.  She is amazingly dedicated to Christian–almost like a dog.  She comes and sits on his lap, computer, book, or anything Christian is using so she can just be with him.  She has been the dominant cat in the Rubix-Kiwi nexus, but that has been changing lately.  Somehow, when we switched from dry cat food to canned cat food Rubix got dramatically more passive and Kiwi got dramatically more interested in getting fed.

At first we thought it was because she was not getting enough to eat, but she is definitely not losing any weight, so now we think it is because she really, REALLY likes the canned cat food.  We made the switch because the vet said we should.  We hope it is helping Rubix lose weight, but for her, it is too early to tell.  We read up on the behavior and found that dominance can change in these kinds of cases,  The funny deal is that even though Rubix is less dominant, Kiwi does not seem to have gotten more dominant–just annoying when she comes to meow for cat food at 5:30 every morning.  It has gotten bad enough that Lorena has put a spray bottle filled with water beside our bed.  Cats and Mexican wives make for lots of drama in the household.