Kelly loses her wisdom teeth

Kelly got all four wisdom teeth removed today. After weeks of histrionics, it turned out to be about a 40 minute affair where they actually gave her the same kind of anesthetic given to guys my age who go in for what used to be quite an uncomfortable procedure, but these days, because of the wonders of modern drugs, is actually quite pleasant and restful. At any rate, Kelly’s Mexican mother is up in Seattle doing the Mexican mother thing (you have to see it to truly understand the magnitude of it all) while I remain safely in Centralia safely away from it all.

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2 thoughts on “Kelly loses her wisdom teeth

  1. I had all four of mine removed at the same time. My puny little dentist had to call in the muscle for one of them. He braced his foot and wrenched it back and forth till he worked it out. Drove myself home, drooling the whole way. Looked worse than a St. Bernard. I went back to school the next day. I am a little jealous of the Mexican Mom thing. Mine was raised on a ranch. She might have brought me extra paper towels to mop up the drool.

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