Daily Archives: Monday, January 1, 2018

Starting the New Year right

After a major setback on my weight-loss regimen, Lorena and I started the year off right with a visit to our favorite restaurant for a 300 calorie Egg McMuffin and a large cup of black coffee. It is now time to buckle down and go to work. Only God knows what 2018 will bring, but we have set some goals to work on for the year with the new house, with Lorena’s school, and with my side projects. Kiwi and I are hard at work coding on our coffee project, Lorena is heading out to the gym to row for an hour, people are protesting in the streets of Iran for freedom from religious tyranny, Americans have dramatically diminished the amount of professional football they watch–now if they could only do the same with college football, taxes are dropping, and all kinds of other good and interesting things are happening. There are still some very scary things out in the world, but it is good to have a reminder that there is a plan and even when stuff turns bad, and it will, God is in control and we know how the story ends.