Daily Archives: Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Why we homeschooled

The Bayou Renaissance Man has, very obviously, led a profoundly interesting life as a soldier, member of the clergy and, now, due to injuries, an author of fiction–American western and science fiction. I visit his website at least a couple of times per day. Maybe it is because it is like watching an ongoing train wreck, but really I think it is because we have a similar view of humanity, the human condition and he is an outstanding writer.

Today, he wrote about a visit he made to an American government school in Amarillo, Texas. I will let him speak for himself, but note that he speaks for me, too, in terms of the state of government school in North America in 2017. It is why we homeschooled. He was born and raised in South Africa. He had a military career there that informs his thinking about the snowflakes who populate our entitled corner of the world.

Kitchen remodel: Hardwood floor with preliminary finish

Mark just sent me these two images of the current state of the hardwood floor. This is not the last of the finish that will go down, but the first two coats. The first image is from the living room looking into the kitchen and the second image is from the kitchen looking into the living room. It is very early in the morning because Mark hauled the cabinets up there and will be putting them in place after he does some additional work on the walls.

The kitchen floor with the first two coats of finish

The living room floor with the first two coats of finish