Lorena rowing: Almost there (12km in 60:25)

Lorena just about made it. 12,000 meters in 60 minutes (and 25 seconds)Lorena is so close she can taste it. Three days per week on the Concept 2 Rowing Machine and another couple of days, hard on the elliptical. Her goal is to row 12,000 meters in less than an hour. She is only 25 seconds from that goal, but today (well, she might take one more shot on Thursday, but we are not talking about that) was her last scheduled rowing day in Texas. Of course she will take it up again when she gets to Centralia. One of the reasons we picked the place we picked is the Anytime Fitness right down the road from our new (to us) house. Lorena has been amazingly consistent over the last seven years or so with the last two years focused on the rowing machine. She has shamed me into agreeing to up my game when we get to Washington.

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  1. We go to Thornbecks in Centralia for the pool. They just put in a new liner and did maintenance. Today was our first day back. We are definitely not in her league. Neil was working out on the rowing machine and ended up beating his instructors record.

  2. All excellent! Actually, I am looking forward to getting started there at the Anytime Fitness to which we currently belong. I am pretty far out of shape and need to lose wait and all that normal stuff. Thornbecks sounds like an excellent place. We really like having access to a pool, too.

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