Daily Archives: Saturday, April 1, 2017

Sometimes it is better just to stay in bed — April Fool’s Day edition

April Fool's Day--it is better just to stay in bedWhat with the house purchased, but the move still a month away, I am beginning to realize I may have made a very bad move. The anticipation of a move, I think, is worse than the move itself. Once you are in the truck, driving what is an absolutely beautiful drive through West Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California and Oregon on the way to the beautiful Washington state, all is good. I LOVE those drives and have done a lot of them. Going on to a new job, a new home and, in this particular case, old, lifetime friends and new lifetime friends, it really does not get much better than this. That said, I did not feel a whole lot more energetic than Kiwi the lone, twin cat sister when I awoke this morning.

After a day of solving sickle cell disease for the world and hanging out with my bride, the amazing Lorena, I have decided life is not so bad after all, even if I am going to have to load and unload a truck or two during these upcoming transitions. In the mean time, I am staying in bed as much as possible. Kiwi is wise that way and I need to acknowledge that.