Getting ready for a long drive

Truck rental for cross country moveI am starting to talk to truck rental places. Some of you might know that, even though we are currently living in Dallas, all we have is an apartment and enough “stuff” to live there short term. Most of our “stuff” is still in a warehouse in Raleigh. So, this trip will entail me flying from Dallas to Raleigh, loading up the truck, driving to Dallas, picking up Lorena and the “stuff” in our apartment there, driving to Tempe to spend some time with Christian and go to one of our church conventions, then driving (through California, not Utah) on up to Washington state. I put “stuff” in scare quotes advisedly. Why do we need all that?

I actually love these trips. The first time I took a cross country trip was when I drove Aunt Jean’s car to her in at University of South Florida in Tampa. I have done these kinds of trips enough times that I have lost count. Some of the best ones were when I had one of my buddies along (Warren B and Curt N in particular), but Lorena and some combination of the kids and I have made the trip four or five times now, too. This trip I will get the best of all worlds: a third of the trip on my own, two thirds with Lorena and a couple several day stops in between. The spring is really a pretty nice time of the year to be on the road. All I need to do is make sure the truck has a jack for my Kindle. When I load up on good books for the road, I am good to go.

About Dad

Married Christian man with two children, one in graduate school and one working. Oregonian (family arrived in 1846 along the Applegate Trail). Living and working from home in Washington state. Lived in North Carolina for seven years, Texas several times and South Florida amoung other places--kids graduated from NCSU, LOVE North Carolina and NCSU, Texas and South Florida). Judo Shodan. Graduate of Oregon State University (B.S. Business Administration, Marketing), Oregon Institute of Techonology (A.E. Computer Systems Engineering Technology), University of Texas at El Paso (M.S. Industrial Engineering). Computer Vision Research Consultant. Bilingual English/Spanish.

2 thoughts on “Getting ready for a long drive

  1. Sounds like fun, Ken! I am curious – do you typically get audio books, or do you use a reader? My daily commute is an hour each way so I have lots of time to listen, but audio books are pretty pricey. I have tried checking them out from the library, but still don’t make it through by the time they are due back.
    Have a great trip!

  2. The library thing is a great thing to do! It always seems like I am going on a one way trip though when it is long enough to warrant an audio book. It always seems like I end up spending WAY to much money, but when the trip is over, especially if I am alone, it is worth it.

    This is the first time I am going to try the Kindle audio thing. It seems to be about the same price or a little less, the audio seems to be pretty good and I can get another book with McDonald’s WIFI if I finish one or do not like it.

    That hour commute is brutal although you are doing it through really nice country. I have been there and good books can keep you sane. Thanks for the good wishes on the trip!

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