OK. Now I am really inspired to write a book

My friend and colleague, Dr. Brad, read my last several blog posts and sent me a couple of awesome links.  If I was not inspired before to write a book, I am really inspired now.  My expectations are getting calibrated in a very good way–the audience for my writing will probably consist of family, friends, and those who have share my kind (not level) of educational values.  If my kids get famous after I am dead, I might get a bump then.

So, Brad found a couple of links that could be an absolute blast.  The best of which is the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).  People have a competition to write the best possible novel in a month.  Even better it is November which coincides with Movember.  I could get TOTALLY inspired to take a month off, grow a moustache, and write a novel.  Seriously!  Brad has some friends who have actually participated in this.  I am definitely going to have to consult with him on this.  Of course, if one competes in an event like this, one of these seems almost essential.

But, it does not stop there.  Brad also set me links to SOFTWARE WRITING TOOLS.  These are the Tim Allen power tools of the writing set.  Actually they look very cool and, for an engineer turning to writing, they might help me consider things and organize my efforts in ways I had never considered.  Brad especially liked the Scrivener tool and I do, too.

The only thing left now is to start participating in a writing community and get started.

Betty Blonde #125 – 01/07/2009
Betty Blonde #125
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11 thoughts on “OK. Now I am really inspired to write a book

  1. That is true Margaret, but I was thinking that it would be GREAT practice to write my narrative by getting ready and competing in the novel writing contest. I always thought writing a novel might be fun although I am an engineer and do not believe I am such a great writer. You are right, though, I need to keep my focus on the goal–writing about the education experience and not get sidetracked on something else. I need to think about it a bit!

  2. Wow. So I will competing with people who actually write for a living. Did I see that right? Did you win?! That is awesome. This sounds like a lot of fun! I think Kelly is in, too. I will definitely add you.

  3. The competition is mostly just against yourself: Can you — along with others — reach 50,000 words? If so, you — along with others — WIN!!! If not, nothing bruised but our egos [smile].


  4. Yes, but it doesn’t count if the text is procedurally generated. No “lorem ipsum” or “the quick brown fox”. SCIGen doesn’t count, either. 🙂

  5. Hey! People have said I write quite robotically, but not THAT bad. Are you in for this year? 2000 words per day for a month is quite an undertaking.

  6. Thoroughly enjoyed this post also, and interesting it has the most comments you’ve had in a while, which means we must all be getting worked up! My full time job wouldn’t have room for the November writing, even though it’d be a kick to try it. I’d have to be laid up in a hospital to do it, then I might not feel so inspired, ha. But you have the tools. Just don’t you let it rob you of essentials, not one single day…! 🙂 I think you could do it though, Ken. You’re always enthused when you talk, and I find it’s always interesting, so…I believe after 1,000+ pretty intense days, you could use 30 with a goal that evokes a «different type» of pressure!

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